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Staff Directory

DO NOT email the school or call the classroom if your child will be absent. YOU MUST call the attendance hotline (831-338-2887) to notify the school of an absence.
Updated: 2/10/2023
Staff Name (Last, First) Position Email
 Adame, Jessica  Instructional Aide  
 Albano, Meghan          Teacher, Early Transitional Kindergarten/Transitional Kindergarten  [email protected]
Anderson, Kristi     Teacher, 3rd Grade [email protected]   
 Barnett, Claire  Teacher, 2nd Grade  [email protected]
 Behn, Mollie  Teacher, 2nd Grade  [email protected]
 Bibriesca Mondragon, Ivan  Senior Custodian  
 Blalock, Allyssa  Teacher, 1st Grade  [email protected]
 Brown, Kayla  Instructional Aide  
 Brown, Lisa  Teacher, Intervention  
Callahan, Maura Librarian [email protected]
Casey, Jena Teacher, Resource [email protected]g
Casselman, Sue Instructional Aide  
Castagnetto, Christina Speech Pathologist [email protected]
 Dahl, Rachel  Teacher, 1st Grade  [email protected]
 Dennis, Megan          Teacher, 1st Grade  [email protected]
Egbert, Lani Teacher, Kindergarten [email protected]
Fellows-Bozzo, Tiffany Instructional Aide  
Fippin, Gerri Principal [email protected]
 Gafford, Kat  Health Aide  [email protected]
 Gipson, Dusty  Administrative Assistant  [email protected]
 Gonzalez, Nathan  Teacher, Music  [email protected]
 Grey, Alicia  Teacher, PE  [email protected]
 Hansen, Layla  Behavior Tech  [email protected]
 Hayes, Patty  Science  [email protected]
 Herrell, Kelly  Teacher, 2nd Grade  [email protected]
 Jaime, Karen  Teacher, 3rd Grade  [email protected]
 Keasey, Adam  Teacher, 5th Grade  [email protected]
Knudtsen, Stephanie Occupational Therapist [email protected]
Koenig, Marc Teacher, 4th grade [email protected]
 Largay, Hilde  Teacher, Science  [email protected]
 Long, Chantel  Instructional Aide  
 Lopez, Alicia  Instructional Aide  
 Martinez Escobar, Griselda  Night Custodian  
Mattoch, Kerry Instructional Aide  
McWaid, Kelly District Nurse [email protected]
Miller, Liza TOSA [email protected]
Miller, Ruth Instructional Aide  
Muirhead, Lisa Teacher, 5th Grade [email protected]
Murray, Chantel Teacher, Adaptive PE [email protected]
Noce, Karen Teacher, PE [email protected]
Nunns, Robynne Teacher, Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten [email protected]
 Nystrom, Lindsey  Occupational Therapist  [email protected]
Oblea, Claudia Cradle2Career Community Organizer [email protected] or call/text at 916-270-5237
Parham, Katie Instructional Aide  
Peterson, Kim Teacher, 3rd Grade [email protected]
Piccolo, Leanne Registrar  [email protected]
Pike, Taylor Interventionist  
Robertson, Diana Teacher, 1st Grade [email protected]
Rosario, Aliana Teacher, Kindergarten [email protected]
Rose, Kishora Instructional Aide  
 Sikes, Wendy  Teacher, Special Day Class  [email protected]
 Skalland, April  School Resource Officer [email protected]
 Steinmann, Severin  Psychologist  [email protected]
 Thomas, Melissa  Teacher, Math Intervention  
 Thomsen, Dana  Teacher, 4th/5th Grade  [email protected]vusd.org
 Vahradian, Michael  Teacher, 4th Grade  [email protected]
Van Deren, Teresa Teacher, 1st Grade [email protected]
Wilson, Jennifer Literacy Specialist [email protected]