BearMail 10/29/19

BCE will be open tomorrow and we will be on our normal Early Out Wednesday schedule.  I want to thank you all for your patience and flexibility during this unprecedented time of power outages. 

Take care, I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow,



Please read the following important letter from our superintendent Dr. Laurie Bruton:

SLV schools will be in session on Oct. 30, 2019. PG&E has indicated that the Boulder Creek area power will be restored today (be aware that they also said this yesterday), but they are currently working to resolve the issue and return power. We also have information from PG&E that another wind event is predicted for this evening Tues. 10/29/19). Currently the only area impacted with potential power outages is Brookdale and Boulder Creek. The Boulder Creek area and Boulder Creek Elementary may experience a power shutdown starting at 11:00pm (10/29/19) tonight through 7:00am tomorrow Wed. morning. School will be in session.

Boulder Creek classrooms will have the heat turned on tonight as power to the school has been restored. This will allow us to warm the buildings as warm as possible  in preparation for school tomorrow morning; however, it is advisable to dress students in layers as it will be cold in the morning, but warm up to 70 degrees by 12:00pm. 

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience, but we are trying to keep you as informed as possible in a situation where conditions change frequently. As a district and school, we are obligated to have school on a daily basis whenever possible. Many schools throughout the county have been in session without power. Teachers at BCE are committed to keeping students safe and maintaining a regular instructional schedule if possible. Congrats to the BCE staff for their work on 10/29 will no power on the campus. 

Each school site in SLV has a hardwire telephone that will work during a power outage. The following list of numbers will be used during emergency conditions when the power is out at the school site.



Site Fax Numbers that will be wired to landline phone

Boulder Creek Elementary School


SLV Elementary School


SLV Middle School


SLV High School


SLV Charter School –

QH Campus


SLV District Office



Each school site is also equipped with a district issued radio that can be utilized to remain in contact with the district office at any time. If you cannot reach the school site, please call the district office and a message will be forwarded to the school. During times when one school loses power, the other schools including the district office will remain with regular phone service. The regular phone number for the district office number is 831-336-5195.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult and trying time. I am a resident of Boulder Creek and also have experienced the power shut down with a loss of phone, internet, cable, and power. It is disconcerting to be somewhat cut off from our regular routines and communication tools. We will get through this together. Please be safe and as always, if you feel it is better to keep your child at home during this time, we will understand; however, the SLVUSD staff is prepared to maintain the same caring, high quality, learning environment that we all depend on for our students.

Take care- Laurie Source: Dr. Laurie Bruton
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