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Updated: 1/5/2022

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Registration Deadline:  1/20/2022

Welcome! We are excited to announce the 2022 Science and Engineering Fair at BCE, which is open to all students from TK/Kindergarten through 5th grade. The Science and Engineering Fair will be held in the BCE Multipurpose Room from February 8-9,  2022.

GETTING STARTED: The BCE Science and Engineering Fair provides an excellent opportunity for our students to participate in the scientific process: 

  1. Make an Observation
  2. Ask a Testable Question 
  3. Form a Hypothesis
  4. Design an Experiment
  5. Do the experiment and write down your data and observations in a notebook
  6. Present Results and Conclusions by answering your testable question.

Once a topic has been chosen, the experiment designed and carried out, each participant will present their results in the form of a Posterboard and their Laboratory Notebook.

For help on how to get started Science Buddies has free science Fair help for K-12 Science students.  Teachers & Parents can visit the Science Buddies Website.   You may also visit Mrs. Woolliscroft in the school library for books on Science projects and Science Fair ideas.

GUIDELINES: Please see the Science Fair Student Handbook. for details and guidelines for projects.  Be sure to take a look at page 6 of the Student Handbook and the Fair guidelines. BCE follows the same Science Fair guidelines as Santa Cruz County Science Fair.  They are located in the Science Fair Student Handbook.

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY FAIR:  Any student interested in the  Santa Cruz County Science Fair should also provide a Written Scientific Report. These are often copied from documents that are already on the student’s poster board compiled in report format. Please see Santa Cruz County Fair Student Guidebook for details and guidelines for projects:   Science Fair Student HandbookThere are NO limits on the number of students from BCE who participate in the SC County Science Fair this year.  See below for more information and links about the Santa Cruz County Science Fair.


Other Information: 
Poster Boards: Poster boards will be available from the BCE School Office or from Patty Hayes in the Science Lab, Room 12. (see below for picture and size requirements)

Graphic:  Details for Science Fair Poster
Student Interviews: Each participant will be briefly interviewed by 2-3 volunteer interviewers during the BCE Science Fair on February 8th. 

Sample Interview Questions 

Where did you get the idea for your project? 

Explain what you did? 

Explain what you discovered? 

What went wrong? 

How would you improve your experiment? 

What would you do next? 

Important dates for BCE Science Fair 

January 20: Applications DUE for BCE Science Fair.  Online registration is found here.

February 8th:   BCE Science FAIR BEGINS!   7:45 am to 8.30 am Students set up presentations. Students will be called out of class and escorted to the MPR throughout the day for interviews.

February 9th: BCE students viewing of Science projects. 

Science Fair table breakdown after school.  (Volunteers needed!)


at the
SC County Fairgrounds 

For those students who choose to, there is an opportunity to represent BCE at the Santa Cruz County Science Fair at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville.

  • ALL STUDENTS must complete an online application to register for the Santa Cruz Science Fair by MARCH 1st!
  • EVERY TEAM MEMBER needs to submit an online application that includes an abstract, project title, and team member names. 
  • EACH APPLICANT, including each member of a team, must submit a signed permission form from parent or guardian.

For more information regarding the Santa Cruz County Science Fair please visit: SC County Science Fair information

Important dates for

Santa Cruz County Science Fair 

Opens: Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Closes: Tuesday, March 1, 2022

STUDENT Registration


March 14-19, 2022

Virtual Review of projects by Judges



Saturday, March 19, 2022

Science and Engineering Fair Interview and Judging of Projects



We are happy to answer any questions you may have by email and are looking forward to a wonderful Science and Engineering Fair at BCE. 




BCE Science and Engineering Fair Coordinators

Patty Hayes

Hilde Largay

Roxann Morrill