Staff Directory

DO NOT email the school or call the classroom if your child will be absent. YOU MUST call the attendance hotline (831-338-2887) to notify the school of an absence.

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Anderson, Kristi    
Teacher, 3rd & 4th Grade  
Branson, Sherry
 Borjas, Idal Day Custodian 
 Brown, Kayla Instructional Assistant
Bruce, Jody
Teacher, 1st Grade
 Callahan, Maura Instructional Assistant 
Callaway, Georgette
Instructional Assistant

Casselman, Sue
Instructional Assistant
 Conger, Amanda    Teacher, 1st Grade 
Conrad, Laurie
Teacher, 4th Grade
 Cooper, Lindsey Occupational Therapist
Cowie, Barbara
Teacher, 1st Grade
 Dahl, Rachel     Teacher, Kindergarten
 Dahlen, Sarah     District Nurse
 Dennis, Megan         Teacher, 1st Grade
Ebrahimian, Suzanne
Teacher, Kindergarten
Egbert, Lani
Teacher, 2nd Grade
Eiriksson, Pamela
Teacher, Special Day Class
Fosburgh, Denise
Gibney, Kristin
Teacher, 3rd & 4th Grade
 Gibson, Dusty Instructional Aide 
 Grunwald, Helena    Teacher, 1st Grade
 Hayes, Patty Science
 Knudtson, Stephanie Occupational Therapist
Krilanovich, Lorraine
Reading Specialist
 Liston, Carey Teacher, Music
 Lobo, Jake     Night Custodian 
 Long, Chantel Teacher, Primary PE 
 McCoy, Reilly Teacher, 4th Grade
Milhous, Patti
Teacher, 3rd Grade
Miller, Liza
Teacher, 2nd Grade
Muirhead, Lisa
Teacher, 4th & 5th Grade
Murray, Chantel
Teacher, Adaptive PE
Noce, Karen
Instructional Assistant

Parham, Allison
Instructional Assistant

Peterson, Kim
Teacher, 5th Grade
Rollings, Mindy
Teacher, Resource
 Rutter, Kit     Teacher, 3rd Grade
 Schiermeyer, Myra     Teacher, Transitional Kindergarten
 Sheard, Julie Instructional Assistant 
 Sikes, Wendy Instructional Assistant 
 Sims, Jennifer Counselor
Smart, Kelli
 Steinberg, Alma     Registrar
 Thomsen, Dana Teacher, 5th Grade
Van Deren, Teresa
Teacher, 2nd Grade
Van Horn, Patti
Office Assistant
Wels, Judy
Teacher, PE
Wilson, Jennifer
Teacher, Kindergarten Grade
Woolliscroft, Mary
Zavaroni, Margaret        
Administrative Assistant

Updated:   8/18/2016