BCE Homework Policy

At BCE, we believe that homework should be purposeful, meaningful, and doable for each student.  We want students to have a balance between homework, sports, playing, and family time.  If you have questions about your child's homework, please contact your child's teacher
Here are the homework assignments for each grade level at BCE. 
Two kids reading a book

TK - K 

     Our hopes are to keep homework meaningful, engaging and interactive! While we wish to instill good study habits amongst our Kindergartners, we also realize the importance of hands-on activities, daily experiences with language (reading labels, recipes, signs, and books), math (counting, comparing, estimating, for example) and

 time with family. Kindergarten students will not have formal written homework every day, but we expect them to spend a minimum of 15 minutes daily reading and enjoying books, ideally with a fluent reader.  Please read to and with your child daily!  In your Kindergartners homework folder you will find their reading log to keep track of the minutes you/they read each night.

    We also encourage students to practice the skills and concepts that we are covering at school when at home.  Each month your child will receive a monthly calendar of engaging homework they have an option to complete.

   Each child will get a homework folder to transport her/his reading log and other work back and forth from school, once each week.  It’s never too early to start developing responsible habits!


Our homework policy is that we are focused on students reading at home for 20 minutes. Toward the end of the year we include a "Response to Literature" page where students pick a story they read and respond to written questions. We also include choice boards that grow their social and emotional intelligence, connection to nature, and to their family. Extra work is available upon request. 


Students should read for 20 minutes and have a conversation with a grownup about what they read.  They might talk about what happened, what was important, how the characters acted, why the characters did what they did.  Homework happens 4 nights a week.  Families should initial the reading log to show that they did the reading with their child. The reading log and their homework books go back and forth to school in their blue reading folder. Later in the year, we will add a written component to help them be ready for 3rd grade.


  • Read for 30 minutes and Respond in Reader's Notebooks. Use sentence prompts. Write 3-5 sentences. 
  • Math- Online optional work: XtraMath, Matific, Khan Academy, Prodigy.
  • Spelling: Word list is shared. Optional activities are suggested. 


Every school night our 4th graders do the following:

Read a book for 30 minutes. 
This book should be within 1 level of your child's reading level. If you are not sure what level a book is, try searching for the book on Scholastic Book Wizard
2 reading responses (jots) in their Reader's Notebook
See the Jotting Rubric for expectations and examples of what a response should look like!
Students also "Write Long" about their reading at least once a week. This means your student is writing 5-7 sentences to expand on one of their reading responses. Your child's teacher will let them know which nights this happens.


Homework is given four nights a week and shall take about 45 minutes to complete.   Students will be reading for 30-40 minutes a night and respond to their reading with two sticky notes per night.  All students will record homework assignments in their planners daily.  

Occasionally, students will need to finish their classwork at home if it is not finished during the class day.  

If students do not complete their homework, they will lose privileges, such as town and recess time.

Want More for your kiddos?  

Here are some websites for extra practice!